Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kazuo Ishiguro: A Family Supper

Fugu- A pufferfish that live in salt water. This fish defense themselves by inflating their bodies much larger then themselves and then poisening their predators. The fish contains lethal amounts of poisen in their internal organs.
Kamakura- A city in Japan
Tatami- Mats on a traditional Japanese floor
Chou Enlai- China forign minister
Samurai-military nobility
Kimono- traditional clothing of Japan

A Family supper is the story of a boy going back to his home in Japan to spend time with his father and sister. His mother passes away years before because of consuming a fugu. In the prefous story, The Englishman, My Father, and I, it is mostly about the specific time a young boy spent with his father. Both these storys are about time spent with fathers. They think about their relationships.

In both of these short stories the character thinkgs about theirs fathers and their relationship with their parents when in reality we find out more about the actual character. We find out what they feel about their family and why in certain cases they need more attention.

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